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On-Site Training

We train your employees on-site and in-store and at your client’s locations. We design, develop and deliver customized technical training programs based on your needs. If you are opening new locations, hiring new staff, building prototypes or just upgrading technical skills, we are here to help you. The integral part of our training is based on the core elements of troubleshooting, diagnosing, inspecting, fault tracing, testing procedures and repairing. Training is provided in Advanced smartphone repair, Advanced Micro-soldering repair, IC repair and replacement, Micro PCB soldering, PCB Rework/ Reflow, BGA Rework/ Reflow and wireless technologies. Technical support is provided after the course. We advise you on mobile devices, PCB Boards, parts, tools, software, equipment and installation procedures. Please contact us for all your on-site and in-store technical training needs.

Smartphone Hardware Training

Hardware training is provided on latest iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei devices.

Smartphone Software and Factory Unlocking Training

Training is provided in smartphone unlocking through software. Software training includes downloading drivers, downloading and installing software, flash, rooting files, direct unlock, IMEI, configuration computers/ laptops and formatting USB ports, detect methods, using boxes such as Z3X, Octopus, UFS, infinity or Fusion. iPhone training includes restoration, jailbreaking, unlocking, upgrading or downgrading Baseband and fixing iOS problems and more.

Smartphone BGA Rework, SMT Soldering, PCB Soldering Training

Advanced board-level Micro-Soldering/ BGA Rework/ testing techniques are taught through hands-on exercises using hand tools, bench tools, soldering equipment, stereo microscope, oscilloscope, multi-meter and power supply.

Prototyping Micro PCB Soldering

Basic to Advanced soldering training is provided to engineers, technicians and designers working on building test prototypes for Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Automotive PCBs, 5G Networks, wearable devices, drones, medical monitoring equipment, VR/ AR products.

Equipment and Machine Training

Our technicians can train you on latest smartphone repair equipment and machines.

Technical Support for new Technicians

Technical support is provided to new technicians, please contact us for quotes.

Store Operations Training

Training is provided on store operations management, ordering wholesale parts, tools, equipment, SIM cards and.

Lab Set-Up Program

We help you to create a customized smartphone and BGA soldering repair and test lab that achieves the repair, soldering and testing objectives of your organization, while working within your budget. Trained consultants will spend time with your team to better understand your needs and create a plan to build your lab. Experts will come onsite to craft your lab, train your employees, demonstrate how to analyze and interpret results.