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MacBook Laptop and Motherboard Repair Course

Location: Toronto, Vancouver Montreal
Date: 3 days

Course Description

This course is designed for beginners who wish to start MacBook and Laptop repair business or want to apply for career opportunities in computer repair industry.

Course Outline:

  • Schematic analysis
  • How to read schematics
  • Troubleshooting via schematic
  • Micro soldering on MacBook Mainboard
  • Lead free soldering techniques
  • How to use board view application for MacBook Mainboards
  • Troubleshooting most common issues on MacBook Laptops

Course Instructor

Course instructor has 20 plus years of Laptop and Desktop repair and BGA Rework, BGA Reflow, SMT Rework, Advanced PCB Soldering repair experience.

Who Should Attend

Beginners who wish to start computer repair business or looking to make a career in computer repair industry. Store owners, business owners, engineers, service technicians, computer technicians, sales technicians and students.

Motherboards, Tools, Equipment & Supplies

MacBook Motherboard will be provided for hands-on exercises along with opening tools, equipment use and repair supplies.


Certified Laptop Computer Technician Level 3 is awarded upon completion of the course.