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Training Methods

Wireless Training Center offers various types of training formats such as:

Private Courses: These courses are ideal when you wish to take the course at your convenience.

Public Courses: In-classroom courses are ideal for individuals who register in a course at a per seat basis.

Corporate Training: On-site courses are delivered at client’s locations. They are ideal and cost effective if businesses have 3 – 5 employees for training.

Customized Courses: We are able to design, develop and deliver customized courses based on business specific requirements.

Hands-on Workshops: Workshops are delivered when there is a project or prototyping involve. All tools, software and hardware are provided in the class.

Instructor-led, Web-based Courses: Theses courses are designed for remote students attending live sessions.

Government Funded: If you are on EI and wish to retrain yourself, please contact case manager at a local employment office.

Indian Bands Funded: We accept sponsored from Indian bands and aboriginal societies.