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Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook & iMac Motherboard Soldering Course

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Course Description:

This combo course is designed for experienced technicians who have basic concepts of Apple products repairs and soldering. The course covers L4 Advanced Logic Board and Motherboard Micro soldering, troubleshooting, diagnostics, IC chip replacement techniques.

Course Instructor

Course instructor has 15 plus years of Apple products, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and Windows Computer repair, SMT Soldering Rework, Motherboard and PCB soldering experience.

Who Should Attend

Professionals, Engineers, IT professionals, service technicians, computer technicians, sales technicians, and students.

Motherboards, Tools, Equipment & Supplies

iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and Windows Computer Motherboards provided for hands-on exercises along with opening tools, equipment uses and soldering supplies.


Certified Advanced Computer Soldering Technician Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course.


  • Introduction to rework and soldering stations / tools
  • How to solder on a micro level
  • Logic board/ motherboard diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques
  • Shield removal
  • Solder removal techniques
  • Pad preparation
  • Running jumpers, pad repair & trace repair
  • Parts sourcing
  • Schematic sourcing
  • Reading schematics
  • Using Multi-Meter
  • DC Power Supply
  • Identifying parts on schematics
  • Troubleshooting basics
  • How to tell difference between short and open circuits
  • Basic short detection
  • Identifying false shorts
  • Techniques to locate open lines
  • Visual identification of board level parts

Common failure identification

  • No display v/s no backlight
  • No power
  • No charging
  • No boot
  • Short circuit
  • Turns on then cycles off
  • Boots to recovery mode
  • No SIM, searching & no service
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No touch, lines, zebra stripes, flickering screen
  • Backlight but no image
  • Soldering charging port connectors
  • Soldering battery connectors
  • How to replace damaged logic Board Connectors
  • Soldering Internet/ Wi-Fi connectors
  • Soldering Sim Card connectors
  • Board SD Memory Card connector
  • Multi Pin Data Ports
  • Multi Vibrators
  • Dealing with underfill
  • Replacing RF connectors
  • Replacing capacitors, resistors, filters/fuses, diodes, coil
  • Backlight failure
  • Salvaging parts from donor boards
  • Flex cable repairs
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • How to diagnose dead phone faults and how to fix them

IC Replacement

  • IC related issues and faults and how to fix them
  • Charging IC iPhone 6
  • Touch IC iPhone 6 Plus
  • Audio IC iPhone 7
  • BGA IC replacement
  • BGA IC Reflow
  • iPhone 6/ 6 Plus IC Reflow
  • Rewired iPhone 7 Flex Button
  • WiFi IC Replacement
  • Base Band IC Replacement
  • U2 IC Replacement
  • Power IC Replacement
  • RF IC Replacement
  • Network IC Replacement
  • Flash IC Replacement
  • Logic IC Replacement
  • PFO and CPU
  • Introduction of electronic components (Transistors, FET, Inductor, Resistors) and equations
  • Power Management systems
  • Power states on apple computers, State 0 to State 5
  • Soldering techniques for lead free Motherboards
  • Power MOSFETS on MacBook Motherboards