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Firefox 94 for iOS and Android adds new features for bookmarks and tabs

Firefox 94 for iOS and Android adds new features for bookmarks and tabs

 November 2, 2021 at 7:16 pm   |     Author:   |     Technology  

Mozilla's current logo for Firefox.
Enlarge / Mozilla’s current logo for Firefox.

Today, Mozilla updated the mobile versions of its Firefox web browser on iOS and Android with an overhauled home page and a new tab management feature.

Mozilla wrote in a blog post today announcing the update that the mobile version of the browser is specifically designed for “on-the-go, short bursts of online interactions that are constantly interrupted by life.”

To that end, the new update seeks to make it easier to jump into previously abandoned or uninterrupted content. There’s a new “jump back in” feature that lets you go directly to your last opened tab.

The mobile Firefox home page now prominently lists recently saved bookmarks, as well as recently completed web searches. The idea with the former is that you no longer have to go to the bookmarks menu to access stuff that might still need your attention from recent visits that were “interrupted by life,” as the blog post wrote.

As for the recent web searches feature, Mozilla imagines that you won’t have to leave as many active tabs open with search engine queries. Instead, you can essentially have these automatically bookmarked on your home page for easy access. These saved searches will be preserved for 14 days.

And speaking of tabs, the update also seeks to reduce tab clutter by automatically archiving inactive tabs after 14 days. You can still get to them easily, but they won’t clutter up the main tab view. Again, this fits into the general theme of helping users get back into unfinished tasks, searches, or articles inside the browser without having to leave an unmanageable number of tabs open.

It should be noted that the tabs feature is only available on Android to start; Mozilla says it will reach iOS “in the coming months.” Similarly, Android is also getting a new way to customize users’ Pocket stories feeds within Firefox, with the feature planned for iOS sometime in the future.

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