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1 day, Hand Soldering Course, Vancouver, BC

1 day, Hand Soldering Course, Vancouver, BC

 December 31, 2020 at 7:50 pm   |     Author:   |      

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This is a 1 day, instructor-led, hands-on workshop for beginners. Students will learn techniques for installation and removal of thru-hole, surface mount components (SMT) and fine pitch ICs and to properly evaluate solder joints by using soldering iron and a variety of different style tips, board thickness, temperature, and flux type. Hands-on practice delivered by using soldering iron to hand solder various types of electronic components on printed circuit board (PCB).

Course objectives:

After the course students will perform basic hand soldering operations, reflow and rework of thru-hole and surface mount components including fine pitch ICs.


– Hand soldering PCB’s of various electronic devices (surface mount and thru hole)

– Reflow, rework, and repair techniques using Hot Air soldering station and other de-soldering tools.

– Touch up, remove, and replace fine pitch ICs. Hand solder, de-solder and identify solder bridging.

– Trimming leads on printed circuit boards after soldering

– Clean and wash electrical components and PC

Course Instructor

Instructor has 15 plus years of Advanced board-level, Micro PCB Soldering, SMT Rework, PCB Rework and PCB Reflow experience with one of the largest OEM Authorized repair centers in Canada.

Who Should Attend

Hardware engineers, design engineers, test engineers, prototype technicians, soldering technicians, lab technicians, computer technicians and students.

Tools, Equipment & Material

Free hand tools, bench tools, equipment use, and material will be provided for soldering prototypes.


Certificate will be awarded after the course.