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Smartphone IC Specialist Course

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Course Description

The course covers IC related issues in iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Samsung 6, Note 3 and LG G3, G4, G5. Technicians will learn through hands-on exercises how to troubleshoot, diagnose and detect IC related faults and how to fix them

Course Instructor

Instructor has 15 plus years of Advanced IC repair and replacement experience. He is a subject-matter expert on motherboard and logic board repairs, Micro-Soldering, SMT Rework, PCB Rework, BGA IC Reballing and PCB Reflow.

Who Should Attend

IC technicians, cell phone repair technicians, hardware engineers, design engineers, test engineers, prototype technicians, soldering technicians, lab technicians, computer technicians and students.

Tools, Equipment & Material

Free hand tools, bench tools, equipment use and material will be provided for hands-on exercises.


Certificate will be awarded after the course

Course Outline

Charging IC (iPhone)

  • Phone not charging
  • Phone not saving charging
  • Battery draining very fast

Touch IC (iPhone)

  • Unresponsive touch
  • Touch not working
  • Touch area working on the top but not on the down
  • Touch auto not workinging procedures

Baseband ICs,

  • No service
  • Emergency calls only
  • Not registered to Network


  • Battery draining very fast
  • Battery tot charging
  • Battery not charging in off mode
  • Usb not detected /not recognized

Audio ICs

  • No sound/speaker
  • Slow sound
  • Bad sound/ ringer
  • Mic not working

Power IC

  • Phone dead/ not working
  • Battery charging issues
  • USB IC (IPhone)
  • USB detection issues
  • Radio IC/ WiFi / Bluetooth
  • WiFi problems
  • Bluetooth not working


  • Phone restart problems
  • Phone stuck on logo
  • Phone hanging problems

Flash IC

  • Dead phone
  • Restarting issues
  • Flashing errors
  • Phone stuck on first screens


  • Battery charging issues
  • Phone not working

Display IC

  • LCD flicker issues
  • LCD lines issues.
  • Blank LCD


  • No signal
  • Emergency calls only
  • Call drop problems


  • WiFi issues
  • Bluetooth issues
  • Radio issues

Nand IC

  • Phone restarting issues


  • Phone restarting issues
  • Phone stuck
  • Trister IC
  • Crystal IC
  • Swap IC

Light IC

  • Dim LCD light
  • No LCD light

Sound IC

  • Audio sound related problems
  • BGA IC Replacement
  • BGA Reballing/ Rework

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