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About Us

Wireless Training Center provides instructor-led in-classroom and on-site training courses and workshops in smartphone repair, wireless sales, RF and wireless technologies since 2013. Training is provided to wireless dealers, mobile phone repair stores, online stores, schools and individual students. All our instructors are experienced professionals with 15 plus years of industry experience.

We also bring our courses to your school, train your students, provide all neccessary material, phones, equipment, tools, supplies for hands-on exercises at very attractive rates. Certificates are awarded after the course completion.

about wireless training center

On-Site Training

Whether your business or school requires a single course or a multi-course curriculum, we have the technology, expert instructors, management mastery to hadle all aspects of your in-house training event, whenever and wherever you need it.

Off-site Training

This training was designed for businesses that do not have the resources to host a classroom environment or have only a minimal amount of employees to attend.

In-classroom Training

Training courses open to individuals and businesses.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The training was designed for businesses that require a cost effective training solution and the flexibility to allow global employees to attend the same session.

Customised Training

We design, develop and deliver tailor-made customised training courses and workshops for new employees. Customized training programs are designed to make a difference in your bottom line, whether your organization is creating jobs, investing in technology, or streamlining processes for efficiency.


Sponors are accepted from Government funded agencies, Aboriginal bands, and other organizations.

School Program

In-school, on-site courses are provided to schools and educational institutions.

International Training

Wireless Training Center is going global by providing training courses in other countries.