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WTC Certified Smartphone Master Technician (CSMT)

The certification is a valuable, advanced-level master technician certification that demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills required to repair and test all mobile phone technologies.

WTC Certified Smartphone Micro-Soldering Specialist (CSMSS)

The certification is a valuable, advanced level micro-soldering certification that demonstrate advanced SMT, PCB, Micro-soldering, BGA Rework and Reflow soldering skill.

The CSMT and CSMST certification is attained only by those technicians who have a minimum two years of smartphone repair, soldering and testing experience. Candidates must pass successfully CSMT and CSMSS Bench Test to receive designation.

WTC Certified Smartphone Technician Trainer (CSTT)

The certification is in addition to attaining the CSMT and CSMST, those wishing to advance into the WTC Instructor Training System must also successfully complete the CSTT Practical Examination.

WTC Certified Wireless Business Specialist (CWBS)

The certification is for business sales professionals that engage in customer conversations, designed to pinpoint a strategic view of customer needs, lead stakeholders to consensus decisions, and produce cross-architectural roadmaps. Certification is earned through a series of endorsed training courses, exams, and in-role requirements and attained only by those business sales professionals who have a minimum of two years of smartphone sales experience.